Monday, October 22, 2007

Rollers 101 Returns to Dishman!


Rolling at the nexus of "inner city youth," Fiona
Grahm found herself off the front where the pugilist
meets the cyclist. Thursday evening. On the Rollers,
in a hallway.

Pursued by a rider named Armstrong, she pedaled with
one leg and no hands, yet her lead went unchanged.

Such was the case when the BBC prodigy Fiona Graham
shared the glory of roller riding with Golden Gloves
Champion and undefeated pro boxer, Cedric Armstrong,
at the Knott Street Boxing Gym, Thursday night.

"I came to help other kids learn to ride the rollers,"
said Fiona, "I never thought I would teach a pro

OBRA clergy of all cloth were lending a hand in the
central hallway of the venerable community center that
is Dishman, when Rollers 101 commenced at 4PM.

Cat 3 phenom, Carl Choltus shared his carbon fiber
ride with a boxer named Jose'. Meanwhile, Sasha Lasey
pumped up the tires for lanky middle schooler, Adam
Mobutu, while big Kierin bumper, Chris Deardorff
adjusted the wheel base for 12 year old Janesha Sims.

Dr. Tony Ohotto built a stationary rig for the
smallest BMXer, while Dr. Jeff Gerwing pushed tour
CDs, found lost alan wrenches, and passed out water.
(or lost alan wrenches and passed out from no water)

Lilliane Gerwing and a little seventy year old man sat
on the bench nearby reading "Major Taylor."

The community center Director was so impressed, she
offered us another 8 weeks on the spot.

Rookie Dave Wingard showed up in his work clothes just
in time to clean up and carry rollers to the car.

Tim Bergmann and his daughters were waiting at the
Green Onion when we all arrived for dinner.

Now, I am not saying that cycling is going to become
bigger than boxing, but if it did, it might be because
of "Rollers 101" at Dishman Community Center, on
Thursday Nights.

Thank you everyone!

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