Thursday, January 09, 2020

The Big Show!

Intimidating slopes.

After pre-riding the course on the day before his Junior 17-18 Juniors' race, Mateen Richey said with some wide eyed concern, "it's a hard course!"
tire inspection

Mud teaches many lessons.
Tiring depths.
Seventy young men from all over The Nation brought their bicycles to Tacoma Washington on Sunday December 15th to face the mud, and each other in the 2019 United States Cyclocross Championship, and no one rode away unchanged.

Called up to the start line in 69th place, Mateen had a plan.

He knew his one advantage at the back
was a clear view of the whole pack in front of him.  Mateen's plan was to watch for congestion early, and try to go around.
He figured, if he could find a clear line early, he could establish a good position to chase the front runners.