Monday, January 14, 2008

Rock Creek Ride

Team Cyclisme met Saturday January 12th at Starbucks SW 6th & Jackson. 10 of us seemed a pretty good January showing. We did some slow climbing, some nice paceline work, some frisky fast bursts, all in all a good team practice ride. Charlie, Greg, Chris S, Jeff, Tony, Csaba, Mike, Dave, Fergus, and guest Sasha were all present. JB supported, fed, encouraged and coached from the van.

I really like Rock Creek Road. The bumpy descent from Old Cornelius Pass, the gurgling creek, the horses, the fog. We decided that the Mile 4 sign on the false flat after the descent will be our sprint sign for future rides on this route.

Everybody please remember to add long splash guards to your fenders for upcoming rides. It sucks being in the paceline getting drenched in the face and chest with road skime because the rider in front of you hasn't a proper rear fender attached to their bike. A splash flap on the rear fender hanging to 6-8" off the pavement works wonders for your teammates and fellow riders.


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MtMann said...

Toilet icon - LOL. If only someone had a camera. On second thought, scratch that.