Sunday, March 16, 2008

March 15th/16th Practice news

Welcome back Justin Serna who after many years racing
for Cyclisme and years away spent racing a motorcycle,
his renaissance with the Fixies has been well timed

Yesterday it was Justin's skill and exuberance that
cheered on the progress of Paris and Glen while they
staged a mini criterium on the PSU velodrome at the
top of Jackson street. Emulating the velodrome
"exchange," but this time on wet, off camber corners
while cars pulled out, they accomplished a 50 lap,
half hour crit with style and grace, and moreover,

Then Sunday, a stalwart crew of Sautter, Gerwing,
O'Brien, Wicker, and Kormendy met and decided to
rehearse the Lead Out strategy fundamental to success
in flatter races like Piece of Cake.

We decided to go to the close, and quite Swan Island
Crit location, "Cutter's Circle." There we rode
pacelines, had an all comers sprint for selection's
sake, then set up lead out formations.

After a few of these high speed sprints, everyone was
beginning to taste their breakfast. It is amazing
how, despite so many difficult miles chasing the Rocky
Rabbit up on Skyline this Winter, it is still a
wholly other physical system that gets utilized for
big power sprinting.

Ironic it seems that the Fixies go 0-60 straight out
of bed but can bonk 10 miles in, while the roadified
men's squad has marched over hill and dale and taste
cookies in a sprint practice.

I am so glad. This is a sure sign of a great program.
Specialists are doing their respective jobs and
getting ready for the season in a way that is

Congratulations to everyone in the Cyclisme embrace.
You are all doing a great job!

Goals ahead:
March 30th, at Piece of Cake in Woodland Washington,
and May 3 at the Velodrome for the Kautsky Memorial.

Best Regards,


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Justin, may you inspire other people. We are looking forward for a good update from you.

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