Monday, May 19, 2008

Bear Springs Trap, by Fergus

I hitched a ride with Greg and Tony.

A super tough 18 mile course on the backside of Mt. Hood. The start was a roll up a gradual hill where I was dropped into the back of the pack due to my single speed. Then I was in a group where I was able to pass some women and men and they were passing me (good). Then I had a flat tire.

I was on these huge knobbies with 40 psi in them. They feel really hard. I was glad I had put so much air in them as the course went on.

But it wasn’t enough. So I spent five minutes replacing the tube and 6 minutes (all guesses) pumping up the tire. Big tire with a tiny pump. Very annoying!

So, back onto the back of the pack. Great course. Huge variety of terrain, good maintenance of the trails, 90% singletrack, but had many places to pass, great stuff, and long as well.
I passed my teammate Csaba, on the trail while he was fixing his tire. He called out to see if I had a spare tube. I didn’t by that time.

Good race but I’d like to figure out how not to get flats. More air? tubeless?

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GObrien said...

Tubeless, tubeless, tubeless, tubeless = far fewer flats, lighter weight. No downside until you rip a gaping hole in the sidewall, but that would have ruined your day on a tubed tire as well.