Monday, August 25, 2008

Kermesse is upon us at Kruger's Farm

Regardless of the venue, the race presents all comers with a moment that transcends talk or intellectual speculation. When equipment decisions are revealed most evidently in their failure, and position in the pack is best established with an attitude, a race like the Krugers Kermesse stands alone.

Dry and dusty, rutted and bumpy this race is intended to wet the now voracious appetite of the Oregon Cyclocrosser. A discipline of bicycle racing that little old Portland, Oregon USA has come to lead the World in.

This event out on Sauvies Island was a faster  less technical version of the upcoming cyclocross courses. Rooted in Belgium, the old European Kermesses were typically on inner city cobbles in old industrial districts. The more granola Oregon version has more - you guessed it, dirt.

No strangers to the concept, certain likely suspects attacked the course. Greg O'brien finished 13th on the leaders lap - 8th in the Masters' 35years plus Event. In the Master Cs Csaba finished 12th and Fergus 21st in the 40man starter group. I think Dave may have finished 5th and needs to talk to OBRA.

On other teams Alex Accetta got 5th for "Team Beer" in the Master B's. Ryan Smith of Ironclad won the "Men's C's." Kevin Hulick of Gentle Lovers/Vanilla won the Senior Men. Good thing Eric Tonkin was at the Hill-Climb.


Major Greg said...

Yes, this was a good wake-up-call race. Although I finished 13th in the Mstr B's, it was an improvement over last year's race, as I finished ahead of more people on the lead lap.

It was nice to see familiar faces out there. Alex and I lined up front and center and recalled the good times of last years cyclocross races.

The bumpy course wore me down (and dropped my seatpost by a centimeter or two). I hung on to the lead group for a couple of laps, then fell back and was in an organized chase with a bike attorney and a unknown hanger-on. On my last pull they both fell off, and I bridged up to a lone River City rider. I was worthless to him as I was fried and couldn't pull through and he ended up riding away from me.

All in all a good day that exposed the areas that I need to work on for long cyclocross season ahead.


PS, Dave said he flatted and ended early...

major greg said...


I chased with David German of Sunset Cycles (and the unknown hanger-on), and eventually bridged up to Gary Cornilles of Specialized RCB, but couldn't hang with him to the finish.

Details, details...