Friday, October 24, 2008

Legend in the Lore

In a club that boasts hosting greats like Stacie Pieters, and Emily Thurston, Nissy Cobb is right on their wheel.

While Cyclisme Racing Programs have certainly seen some great bicycle riding women roll though, probably the best junior women was the b.i.k.e. program's Ms. Anissa "Nissy" Cobb.

A multi-time Junior State Champ in road, crit, track and cross, she has taken up Mt. Bike racing of late. 

Once back in 2004 at Cyclocross Nationals she jumped off the line so fast she nearly dropped the hundred plus women's pack by the first corner and she carried it into the first hill, finishing 10th on the day in the Women's Bs.

An excellent track racer, she still races at Alpenrose and is moving up the Oregon Cat 2/3 Peloton's BAR. 

Meanwhile, she is often seen serving the community. Lately it has been up on Alberta Street at Community Cycling Center.

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PeggyD Mom On Bike said...

Yay Nissy! I was wondering about that girl! So glad to hear she is still riding and doing great!. I'm going to try to make it out to Alpenrose this summer, so maybe I'll see you out there Nissy! And if I don't, good luck!