Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Riding

On Thursday Jeff and I rode up to Mt. Tabor to meet Dave W for some snow riding. Jeff and I were on our mountain bikes, and rode slowly over to Sound Grounds to see if anyone else was joining in. After a few minutes, we proceeded to SE Salmon & Taylor up to Tabor. The snow was really tacky, so the ride up was a breeze.

We were early for our meeting time with Dave, so we rode a couple of laps on the trails and roads. The snow gave the park an entirely new feeling, and it was a blast bombing and sliding around. Soon we caught up with Dave, Sojean and Langston. While Sojean and Lansgton played with the sled, Dave, Jeff and I headed back up to the top for some more riding. We had another 3 good laps or so before we parted ways with Jeff and I riding down the steep trail with the log steps. Remarkably, we descended crash free.

On Saturday, the family and I headed down SE Pine Street to Laurelhurst Park. Danny and I rode our bikes, while Abigail and Dede walked with the snow saucers. We had a great time riding around the hills and jumps. I'm sore today, so I officially consider it a 2 hour training session.

I've had my fill of Portland snow now, and look forward to some road riding. Hopefully soon, very soon....

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