Monday, April 19, 2010

Aero Gerwing Leads Cyclisme!

Trial of time in Estacada

Solo speed made it's case in Estacada on a beautiful sunny Sunday this year, 2010.

Cyclisme presented two car loads of veteran racers.

Only Cat 5 Issac and Junior Esteban were new to the game of time trialing.

Better known in European racing lore as “the race of truth” this discipline requires all the aerodynamic lightweight technology that is state of the art. At a minimum, a racer must be well fitted and practiced on her aero bars to win. Our Jeff Gerwing had the kind of competitive tool used to cut through the wind and the competition.

6 523 Gerwing Jeffrey Word-RCB 50:41.00

3 731 Hansen/Lee Jake/DeyShaun Word-RCB 55:22.00

9 1208 O'Brien Greg Word-RCB 56:01.00

6 1277 Potoczny-Jones Isaac Word-RCB 59:01.00

4 2926 Pelman Naiqwan Word-RCB 01:01:23.00

5 2824 Vasquez Esteban Word-RCB 01:03:24.00

A favorite event of the elder masters crowd, the 40-49 year old division Jeff was in, turned in some of the fastest times of the day. Professor Gerwing’s sexy Cervelo carbon fiber racing bike and TriTec handlebars with an aerodynamic helmet brought the max out of his veteran road miles.

"El Presidente" Greg O’Brien surprised himself, but not his Directeur Sportife as he finished 9th in the Cat 4 men following only sporadic training miles in his legs.

Ironically, arriving on the podium in third, were the dynamic duo of Jake Hansen and DeyShaun "Big Daddy" Lee riding the trusty dusty team Burley Mt Bike Tandem. On the this Bronze Medal ride, DeyShaun periodically sat up no hands and complained constantly of Jake’s leg speed being too fast. Both men came in to the parking lot complaining of back pain, and each other.

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