Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Mudslinger 2010, by Greg

The boys got off to a hot start, with Naiqwan jumping out with the holeshot and DeyShaun grabbing his wheel. Naiqwan soon dropped his chain and got passed by his entire field. He fixed the chain, caught back on, attacked again and won by almost 10 minutes.

One of the early sections called for a dismount for most racers.

There was a super slippery downhill section at the end of the Panama trail. You can see from DeyShaun's expression that this MTB stuff is pretty fun!

Here's how the day ended, not too shabby! The young man Naiqwan is on a tear, and ready to take on the Cat 2's. Photos courtesy of Mudslinger Events and Shane Young/

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XMpluFi said...

Nice job by Naiqwan and DeyShaun!! And thank you to Greg for making it happen.