Sunday, June 06, 2010

Photo in toto!

By John Benenate
Photos credit: Catherine Cooper, Sonny Chiago & Jim Cavanaugh

With all the different schedules amongst many diverse personalities,
it is rare when a whole amateur cycling team can show up
at the same place
at the same time.

The one event that traditionally brings the whole team together is the team photo.

Team blended with family,
and in the parking lot of
River City Bicycles,
all were part of the Team.

Patrons David Guettler and Mark Ontiveros took time from an incredibly busy sales floor to don the green and black of Cyclisme and take their rightful,
and old place in The Lore.

Though no miles were logged the time together felt as if a long time coming. Pride led to excitement as the power and import of Word RCB was made evident.

Unfortunately none of the photos turned out very well.
Certainly not enough representative of Cyclisme quality to be fit for showing off to the competition on the RCB wall,
and with key people missing,
it was a bit of a wash anyway.

The good news is
we will have to meet up
and all get together again.

I for one,
am always very proud to see you all together.

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