Tuesday, September 28, 2010

later barlow!

Lanners at Barlow!
Eric. "L" L.

Great to see everyone out at barlow.
my quick race report is
i am still a little sore from the race. it was an epic day with the rain and mud!
i got a sweet start, rolled out second wheel.
then the off camber section went down and got passed by a dozen or so folks.
my neighbor scoffed at my clincher wheel selection last week and gave me some bontragers, i think they were meant more for fast dry conditions since i was slipping all over the place.
the rest of the race was trying to catch folks. greg had a sweet start and i eventually made it back up to him and we rode together for awhile.
i was feeling better and better with every lap, i also knew i was catching people.
i hammered the last lap, going into the railroad run up all the folks in front of me took the left and i took the right. i sprinted up and turned out caught everyone in front of me. a filth and fury dude passed me on the greasy sections but after the barrier, i hammered and caught him.
wasn't sure if he was in first until the results were posted.

great job everyone, great day.
got the email from candi saying i need to upgrade.
hope to see everyone at alpenrose

later lanners

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