Sunday, April 17, 2011

Estacada Time Trial

It's a Family Affair,
Story by
J.Fritzgerald B.
photos by
Greg O'Brien
when the Bossen family puts on a race.

Race Promoter Geri Bossen is a family woman. She builds cycling teams with a spirit of families first. Speeding by bicycle on the back logger's roads of the very neighborhood she lives in, is her idea of hospitality. Furthermore, her beautiful family provides all the concessions at race side.
She has fostered some of the fastest kids in Oregon Race herstory!

As a promoter,
She likes a family environment, and that is what she got from Cyclisme Racing Programs today.

Featuring some of the fastest cycling Cycisme families in recent memory, Word-RCB Time Trialed to the podium by riding out East ten to twenty miles and that many back West again. It was a good day to bend one's elbows.

For starters, respendent in the blue and white colors of the shop team he is employed by, our brother in the Lore, Estaban Vazequez showed up ready to race in David Guettler's River City Bicycle Shop's kit. Dave participated in a partnership with Bicycles and Ideas for Kids' Empowerment's "Retail Training Course." Esteban was the class's star, and now enjoy's working and racing at the famous River City.
He also rolled out a 58.45!

Debuting their Swan Island legs, father and son Dallas and Clay Ry-Dick donned the black and white jersey of green and black lore, and tore the road up with 1:02 and 1:08 respectively.

Dey Shaun Lee has been showing huge improvement both on the bike, and at the school room desk. He has been paying his dues too, with time at the Gregory Heights library and some scary time on the pavement at the Swan Island Tuesday Night practice.

Always there quick, to pick Dey Shaun up, is Dey Shaun's Father Herman Lee. Herman drove Dey Shaun out this morning, where Dey Shaun threw down a very respectable 1:05.

Herman Lee drove Dey Shaun and Keegan O'Neil to the Icebreaker Criterium just the day before.before.
Keegan O'Neil and Kent Ross have been scaling Portland's Tualitan hills like mountain goats.
Keegan rode half the distance in 30 minutes, but Kent Ross turned in a very fast 58.25 for the whole 20mile course.
Cat 4 Senior Man, Greg O'Brien turned in the fastest Cyclisme Team Word-RCB Time today with a sub hour, 55:36 scoring him a 7th in the Cat 4 TT BAR.

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