Friday, October 07, 2011

People who made it happen!

To get one to the Glory-Drome it took a village of caring, talent sharing, and check writing souls.

All of you did so much! And some of you really carried the weight of the task.

A special gift from the Cadonau family could not have been realized without the incredible work of Marilee Tilstrom at the fundraiser dinner. You all backing her up made the event sing.

Large gifts from Robert Burney and Stephen Gomez combined with the critical major loan and gifts of David Guettler did what really few others could do, but what was so essential.

All throughout the effort to communicate our need, Board Chair Tim Bergmann and his pal Pete Kirby made things happen. Then furthermore, while we were down there Bergmann watched over my house and deposited checks, while Pete literally followed us down there and made sure we were fed and funded.
Pete introduced us to his sister Holly who sat us down with the DEW foundation.

Once down in Carson blessings abounded as David Pulliam, Raja Black and the Major Motion crew kept us on a magic carpet of knowledge and logistical support.

No complement for a cycling program more elates than one from an elite athlete who "get's it" and despite a raging head cold, and still winning medals, Lana Atchley donated to the girls of b.i.k.e. a veritable cornicopia of expensive race clothing. I mean a duffle back of top end women's cycle wear.

Only one of the many smaller bags is pictured here.

This kind of support made Jake go. This kind of support pulled us together and encouraged success in our future.

Let's get to work on 2012, eh!

With big love, THANK YOU!

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David Guettler said...

So good to see everyone come together to help make this happen. I know there were others as well- Nils Tillstrom, and then the grand master himself John Benenati. Well done, John!