Sunday, March 18, 2012

BB 3 for Victory!

Keegan wins Banana Belt 3 at Hagg Lake.

Rolling big requires a lot of stuff. You have to have radios, (not in the race though) and you have to have a camp fire. You need a baseball glove, and you need jam - lots of jam.

Where some California teams might find themselves lacking,
Word-RCB has it all.

Preparing hours early on
very own side of the lake, we could enjoy privacy while frantically trying to light a fire with wet wood.
Or the intimacy of a quick game of "catch" in the blustery cold before racing 22 miles. Camp Cyclisme as it was named, though no one called it that, was in very few ways, a home away from home. However, it was four miles away from the starting area.

Rolling out as a team to the startline made a nice warm-up, and a last minute entrance to "the scene," which was a lot of fun.

Though the pack was small,
competition was big!
Grant McElroy is a three time National Champ, and the Banana Belt Series Leader after two victories in a row!

His trusty team BBC, is filled with savvy veterans.

Keegan was able to get away in large part because Grant was marking the BB-Series threat, while being marked himself by Kent Ross.

Afterwards, food, and drink, were supped quick by a fire finally, but big winds made baseball brief.

Jam-on Cyclisme, jam on.


David Guettler said...

Sounds like a good time. I love Cyclisme- you keep riding fun!

Greg said...


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