Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Durango Kid

Here he comes.

Rob Waldman is an outdoorsman essentially. He has
a kind hearted mountainman's sensibility.

Strong out of the saddle.

Well trained on the bike, gentleman Rob is a smooth pedaler with good form.

Years in the saddle around a social cycling setting have made him comfortable in the pack. He shops dilligently for the conservative position within the pack.

Tucked in smart.

But when road turns up, Rob betrays his humility and goes public with his inner greatness.
The Durango Kid

Transplanted to Oregon from Colorado, Rob spent years riding with the Durango Wheelmen. there he rode with some of America's finest cyclists on some of America's most challenging roads.

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Shelley Akins said...

I'm proud to know Rob for over 25 years. He's more than a cyclist, he's an environmental professional working in Alaska, Colorado and now we have him here in Oregon. I met Rob in Juneau, Alaska, where we both lived for a long time. We met as fellow volunteer firemen and I've been on scene with him in some dramatic situations. Less stressful, we've enjoyed riding as both Rob and I have been on our bikes for longer than we want to talk about, yet relish the next chance we get to ride. Cheers to you all and I get to Portland every few months and I always have my bike with me riding in a very cool city.

Jim Akins