Thursday, March 15, 2018

Joshua Morris Debuts

Relief of accomplishment.
Winning Jack Frost

After years of training and racing, a kid grows up.

Saturday ride featuring breakfast by the fire, is the funnest part.
In life, what we have accomplished seems to shape who we are. Who we train with and how we train helps us create what we want in life. It gives us the resources and the direction we need.

Joshua Morris wants to be strong and helpful to his family. He also loves to laugh and play and have fun. Growing up, after years of attending individual Time Trials, Joshua finally won this locally famous Season Opener Jack Frost TT in the grandest style - by over two minutes.

This totality of strength, form and charisma arrives following years of hard fought victories at best. But this year, early season training, often in the rain, led to a strong and confident performance in a healthy field.

Fast protection for Joshua.

Rain or shine, the Saturday ride ritual has been a social staple for Joshua over the years. Moreover, a two time Champ of the Oregon TT Cup, entry level as it is, Joshua was made ready finally, to demonstrate journeyman  prowess at JF.

Joshua's training has been multifaceted. He  has spent quite a bit of time out on the Alpenrose velodrome. Two years ago he attended the OBRA Track Camp introduced by Stephen Beardsley (see here)

In the Lore of Cyclisme, Joshua is connected to a pantheon of luminaries, especially in and around the Boys and Girls Clubs utilizing our special ops mentorship unit: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

It was their programming of "Roller's 101" that discovered Joshua  Morris years ago. While the original Four are pictured below, it was the work of four who followed, that perfected the programming at Blazer Boys & Girls (please see the ordered chaos here)

De' Shaun Lee, Naiqwan Pellman, Marquell Brown, & Jake Hansen.

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