Monday, April 28, 2008

Here's what Jim says...

Canuck, there's already a product that lets you see others' inner beauty. It's called "beer." You can get it for about $5 a pitcher, and after you run the program two or three times over the course of an evening, I guarantee you, every girl you look at will look utterly hot. It's flawless except for it totally wipes out your system memory and it's viral, the processor doesn't work right for a couple days afterwards.

There's another program that used to be called "Beer 2.0," a sketchy app that some of the geeks are trying to market as "wine." Instead of showing others' inner beauty, it lets others see your inner jackass. Like an Apple computer, it's pretty functional, possibly a little faster than the competitor, people pay *way* to much for it, and then tell you're they're hot shit because of it.

Of course if you're into Linux you may like Bourbon 1.01. It's *way* faster than beer or wine, let's you see the inner beauty of all others while showing your inner jackass at the same time - yes, true simultaneous processing! And, like a Linux disciple, if you use Bourbon 1.01, people will show you a healthy respect, almost a kind of fear, like they'd show any other marginally sane old school banger sitting alone in the corner talking derisively about "kids nowadays."

Above quote is from a comment on Bike Snob NYC. Check it out, eh?

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