Wednesday, April 23, 2008

PIR Tuesday

Dave Wingard has been throwing down in the Cat 3/4 PIR races the past couple of Tuesdays. Maybe if a few of us show up to help we can get a Dave up on the podium a few more times?


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vanstand said...

OBRA TRACK BAR Scoring on May Day!

Dave Wingard took a kilo of speed, and imagined he could win the track race Thursday night. Resulting in a 1:28:72 (one minute, twenty eight seconds, and 72 one hundredths) of his time to score at least a couple of oregon BAR cat 5 track points.

Deardorf scored 2nd place in the Category 4s with a 5 mile an hour faster 1:20:52. Ironically Chris would have also finished 2nd place in the Cat 3s, had he raced in that division as well.

Frost finished 5th in the cat 3s with 1:24:31