Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dominion at Alpenrose (Fast Twitch Friday 6-20-08), by JB

Cyclisme was a sight to see Friday as the Men and the Fixies came together with Deardorff and Frost and a new Woman - everyone improved to their finest yet.

Deardorff surrounded by BBC, nipped them at the line for the win. Frost in an easier gear said "goodnight John-boy" to the ever famous Walton from River City.

Our supposedly off-the-charts-beginner Kristan Richardson cagyley pulled every trick in the book to hold on the pack, and did so all the way around the wall pedaling with one foot to become the crowd favorite.

But the news of the night, like a tsunami hitting a small country, was the men of Category 5 Cyclisme. Working for the team like an old school English house Butler, was team Star Alex Lightman. Blocking, and trapping, bridging, and towing, he was everywhere at the service of men who had previously been his domestiques.

Now in that world of wonder as Candi Murray overlooks his upgrade, he, and the coaching staff decided to flip the script on his role. It was genius.

Without super start Domestique (2nd in Cat 5 track BAR) Trevor Spahr, Justin Serna was able to rise up and take his place at the finish line in places like 2nd and 3rd.

Csaba, Paris, and Dave were the insurgent team that got the party started, going off early in search of a two man breakaway formation. In the first race Csaba went to turn and look back and see Dave W coming up. They exchanged and the race was on. Behind, Alex Lightman and Justin Serna were blocking, and marking, the Ironclad guy and the fastest guy out there in a grey t-shirt.

Danny and Dave just waited. Kevin in his first race ever got to have a blocked pack to struggle onto the back of.

Second race saw Paris with a cagey psycological move early up track that held the whole show in check. Rolling slow for the longest time allowed everyone to rest. This forced the opposition to go first where Alex had no choice but to follow them, and win. Dave scored high with Serna and Danny.

Grand was the finally that was the 3rd race, as a Alpenrose 6-lap mile allowed our 7 guys to control it from the start with an Italian Sprint. Every man for a lap, Paris then Kevin, then Csaba, then Danny, then Alex, then Serna then Dave saw Alex and Serna in 1st and 3rd place at the end, and the pack wondering what happened.

If Candi doesn't cat some of them up soon, I fear for the self esteem of our opposition.


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