Sunday, June 29, 2008

Saturday Pacelines (smooth and quick with everyone home by noon)

How hard it is in hot weather to train well. Sunday saw searing heat, but Cyclisme barely felt it. Sure it was hot by 11:15, but at eight in the morning, a cool dew lingers.

Of course,we didn't get out till 9:00. Embarrassing to me, it was mostly my fault. Not only did I pull disability flop all the way to the ground twice, we had a nearly team wide switch from fixed gears to free wheels. Then when they were done, we had one more decision to switch bikes.

But spirits were high, and folks rallied a little action around the PSU ghettodrome. Before we new it, well 9:10 actually, we went through campus and descended 12th. Fourteenth Avenue through the Pearl and out back by Montgomery Park onto Highway 30.

In two tight easy columns, everyone pedaled with good form through town. One stand-out from the start was Ariel on a free wheel single speed with a couple of brakes. Her gear just a little bigger than all the choked back spinning road bike riders, left her able to lay on top of the gear as she finished up the longest ride of her career at right about ten AM.

Meanwhile the crew that was about to do the twelve miles around the island quick, were getting the perfect warm up now. Everyone spinning in a low heart rate out were hungry to hammer on Sauvies. New guys Paul Fleck and Kevin Stravers settled right in with their Team Captain, Alex Lightman as they all followed the examples of Cyclisme Vets O’Brien and Lanners.

Ariel kindly helped me shop out at the Punkin Patch for perfect peaches that we handed up to the paceline just a little underripe. the result was group that was working in sync at an easy but brisk pace of about 21mph.

Unfortunately, just when everyone was 2/3rds of the way around a big time-trial guy caught our crew. Though invited, he was not much for working with our line. Lanners and O’Brien were pretty restless as this guy dangled just 20 feet in front of our line.

Cagey Eric Lanners rotated the group just on the wheel of the hammering usurper for a while. After a time, Greg O’Brien led the group up and around the guy who welcomed the draft. Everywhere, the Cyclisme style was showing itself clearly.

In the island sprint, Greg and Eric took control. In amongst the Sauvies traffic everyone silently made their exit up the new bridge. The ride home saw more teamwork as all but the events began to crack, but with just 38miles or so, it was over before it was hot hot. Greg O’Brien and Eric Lanners made a great impression on all the newer riders. Their years of riding with Cyclisme were elegantly revealed.

Happy Birthday Danny O'Brien, and Frost and Melanie's "Marlowe."



Greg said...

Actually, I think Ariel was on a fixed gear wheel.

Greg said...

I had a great time on this ride. It was nice to meet and ride with some of the folks I've been hearing and reading about out.

Ariel D said...

I can't even remember if I was on a fixed gear or single speed. The ride was such a blur to me I don't even know how I got it done, but I have a clue. It's probably because Eric helped me out so much.

Abbs said...

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