Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hall of Fame - Community Leaders

Leadership is a roll played many ways and these women
exemplified the best technique
- kindness. Each with a
different story, all three made a vanguard of championship

and community leadership that enhanced the form and
quality evident in Portland's
bustling cycling scene we see

Angel Cobb, left to right, had been on the team the longest,
and on TV the most.
Angel came up through the b.i.k.e.
team with her sister Nissy. She became the team
and Captain.

Nanci Moyo took Angel's coaching one day and won the
bronze medal for Portland
State University at the Collegiate
Regional Track Championships.
Later, Nanci went on to be
elected President of theCyclisme Racing Club. As our
President, she also became our first Women President
(she was also our first
women President named Nanci,
but thats another matter..)

Nanci lead with grace, and Presidential demeanor while
creating the first administration
of leadership for Cyclisme.
Tony Ohotto served as Team Treasurer for years with

Nanci while others came and went in other roles. 
We started blogging under her administration.

Anna Scalera worked at BTA and Led that organization's
gigantic and revolutionary
in-school program in Portland
Public schools. Anna was the consummate nurturer and

could always be counted on to fall back in the line to
check how you were doing.

Everyone of these great cyclists has pushed countless
new folks, little children,
and each other up hills. Together,
they make a wonderful chapter in the Lore of


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Nanci said...

Hi John and All,

Have missed you and think of you often. Life is on the fast track as I am working full time and going to school every night. My bike is sadly on the back burner for this year. But I will be back after I get my massage license. Then I hope to have more time.