Monday, November 03, 2008

Barton Park Race Report, by Greg

There were lots of crashes, I personally participated in 3:

One in the woods section after the asphalt parking lot where a guy went down right in front of me and I almost rode up and over him, but not quite.

One where I landed at low speed on Junior racer who was attempting to ride (but didn't quite make it) up the short steep rise onto the dike. I felt really bad after this one. We both made sure each other was OK, then raced on.

One where I lost it on the entry to the woods section (right in front of another rider). This one kind of hurt and I lost places and momentum.

I went from about 12th-15th place from the start drag race (and was close behind Kenji when he crashed), to 9th-10th place in the second lap before I got all sloppy.

I was chasing J Serna when there was an injured Junior on the uphill gravel rise to the starting flat straight. The kid was crying and in pain and scared. Justin didn't hesitate to pull off the race course to go help the kid out, and some other adults came from the side as well. Very helpful, classy and benevolent move by Justin.

I slowed down to make sure the medics were coming, and a couple guys came up behind me and said that there really must be a better way to have the juniors race but also be in a safer environment. I agree. The 3 of us then started hammering again.

At this point my head wasn't fully into the race, and then I came up on the major crash that Fergus was helping with. I finished the final lap by crashing on the woods section and getting a little banged and scraped up. I'm sore today.

Jeff had the Cyclisme move of the day as he sprinted (as in running, carrying his bike)across the line all the way from the run-up, displaying his high school 50 yard dash skills are still there.

I love the venue, and had a great time, but not such a good race. As the results show, Trevor really is going well in the B's. Jeff and I had a good time "cheering" on Fergus and Dave during their race. I also gave some good screaming to ex Cyclismite Darren Pennington. I may have jinxed him though, as he went backwards a little bit after that.


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