Monday, November 03, 2008

Race Report-Barton Park, by Fergus

Here is a pic of Greg doing very well as always in the Master Bs.

I came in 110th in the Master Cs. That would seem terrible, but for two and half excuses.

One: there were almost 160 riders.
Two: I started in the back. I was in second to last place going into the first corner.
half a reason: Some weird mechanical issue. (read on)

I liked the course. I didn't love it. There were few places to pass and some bottlenecks.

I managed to pass some guys here and there, while recovering as best I could during the times I was caught behind someone.

And then I had a weird mechanical where my left brake cable appeared on the wrong side of my head tube. This issue presented itself after I became all tangled up with some dudes who couldn't ride their bikes over the that small section of up and down/through the woods (on the back side). Anyway, the cable was on the wrong side and I couldn't figure it out. It was rubbing. I calculated the coast of a new cable and jumped back on my bike after about 10 people had passed me. (It had taken so long to pass those guys.) There was half a lap left and I limped in.

Then as I was walking back to Greg's van when I some people pointed out that a rider had just crashed. I went over to see what was up and then I ended up helping the medical person and some other people take care of the guy. He had face-planted at the bottom of the small off camber hill before the run-up to the finish line. The cut on his chin was deep. It went through to the inside of his face. It was a ragged and dirty cut. The space between the nose and the upper lip was also busted open. His neck seemed alright, though supposedly the way he fell could have been very injurious.

I helped out by getting a sleeping bag and holding the umbrella and opening some gauze packets. It was fun. When I first saw his mangled face, I turned away. Then I became used to it.


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