Sunday, January 11, 2009



No, I mean big!

A big number of folks, road a big distance and made their quadriceps really big.

And the way they rode was, well, big.

Everyone rode well - clean lines, alert minds, and with high spirits.

"they seem like a great bunch of guys," said Bruno Schultz who volunteered to hand out food, and pump up Randy Word's tires every half mile.

Some may of noticed that we didn't have enough food, and that of course was because not everyone brought something to kick into the pantry.  Thanks to Greg Obrien however, for all those organic fig newtons. They saved us.


A good racer drinks before she is thirsty and eats before she is hungry.

Will Cortez impressed everyone as he rode right to his limit with a big smile always. Jake, Alex, and of course Randy were too strong for their booties, and were a great big help to me as I put them on rear guard push-up detail that in the future we should refer to as tail--dog charlie. (just ask Bruno)
Bottom line is:

If you get tired of pushing with one hand, switch.

Also: A guy I know, showed up as one of Randy's friends but I raced with him in 1987. So savvy, he was silly, but slick. He name was Eberhardt. Keep an eye out for him.

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Greg said...

This was a good ride! I personally would have liked an e ee v e e n s l ooooo wee e r start. This may make it so that the last miles would go more smoothly in pace.

Maybe it's just me, but it takes me to the top of Dosch to even get warmed up, and like to take it slow.

I agree on the food. MORE! Bring enough to sustain yourself for a 4 hour ride, then pool half of it to the support and everyone will be good. The more we keep rolling, the warmer and suppler we stay.

I'm also big on liquid nutrition. There's lots of stuff out there, b ut I think we can gee a killer team deal on Hammer stuff. I like HEED, PERPETUAM, and ENDURALYTES.
I've suffered really bad cramps before on this ride, and changing my hydration and nutrition before and during the ride helped tremendously.

See you next week.