Thursday, January 08, 2009

Sunday January 11th Training Ride (Rocky Rabbit)

Here's the skinny:

Route: typically Rocky Rabbit lollipop from PSU/Skyline/Rock Creek
Distance: 40-50 miles round trip from PSU
Time: 3-4 hours round trip

1) 9:00-9:15 am: meet at Starbucks, on SW 6th and Jackson in Portland (PSU).
2) 9:00-9:25 am: Caffeinate, hydrate, dehydrate, stretch, chat about layering - glove technology - weather - work -Campy vs SRAM-music - envy my Little Hotties toe warmers...
3) 9:25-9:29 am Last minute pee break, kick in a buck or two to John for gas, brief chat on where we're headed, etc.
4) 9:30 am roll-out. Best case, we're on time, head up Terwilliger and have a nice and steady base mile training ride.

We'll run a rotating paceline for good parts of the ride. It's easy to pick up. We're a very safe and steady group to ride with. Nobody will get dropped. We will likely have a little separation a couple of times, but will re-group at the top/bottom of the section.

Please have at least a rear fender with splash guard on your bike if it's forecasted to rain. Nobody wants to be the guy/gal in the paceline behind the bike with no rear fender and spray guard.

Good Form.


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