Monday, March 02, 2009

Echelons on top, Sprints on the circle.

A good team grows.

Skyline ridge to Swan Island was the circuitous route from PSU up Terwilliger, across to Sylvan and down Germantown.
"It felt like Rocky Rabbit until we turned right on Germantown," said Randy.

But then after a quick descent it was an easy run across the Willamette Bluff.

It was good to see Jeff Gerwing who rode well, but conservatively. It did not escape the veteran hill climber and road cat 3 that the team had improved a lot, and was flying this day.

Before the event, everyone was very generous as not only some great recruiting been going on discovering the young fixies Duff, and Edwards, but some clever games were going to be revealed from the Benenate repertoire down on Swan Island.

On the way out THE LIGHT man, and THE WORD were incorrigible and the blazer had to be dispatched for discipline, But everyone was so strong behind, that we were never apart for long.

On the climb up  Alex and Bedford demonstrated leadership  by standing up in granny gears for a long spell.  They looked fast.

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