Sunday, March 08, 2009

Week two of 3 week push.

Arriving at 9am

and that is 8am to all you daylight savers,

COFFEE was the order of the morning. And nobody knows how to impress a squinty eyed early morning Directeur Sportif like Dishes does.

Thank You Dishes, and everyone who kicked down coaching fees for this grass roots speed doctor.

It warms my heart.

And something had better be warm, because the freezing level was below 500 feet. Maybe 300.
We warmed up on the Alameda ridge, up and down, up and down, and there was snow up there!

After a run about NoPo it was time to get down... to Swan Island where the blocking games began. In the second week of firing up for Cyclisme Pride most of the team celebrated in bed, but with five guys we chased imaginary attackers.

When Dave Wingard showed up we all cheered. 

Randy and Alex can block like freeks, but dave, dishes and fergus are no slouches either. Stay tuned for real strategies bicycle teamsters.

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