Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kings Valley w/video

Gettin ready, cookies and Support!

Rural Kings Valley is little more than a store with not much inventory nestled in a low spot near the rollers just before the foothills on the west side of the huge Willamette Valley near Dallas Oregon.

Leaving town early, around 7:30 we sped down I-5 to arrive at a small closed down pollution factory quaintly lodged next to a collection pond framed in a panoramic sea of agrarian bliss. Animal life did not trouble this pond with their animalian antics.

Parking near western shore of the little collection pond we saw instead the bike racers who ventured from the parking lot to find a more rugged place to pee. We attempted to sell them cookies as they passed.

Our little parking area near the pond was off to the side, but also the area of choice for Kenji Sugahara, head of OBRA.

A guest supporter of Cyclisme, Evan Young brought cookies made by Walker (see) http://thefixedgears.blogspot.com/2009/04/whos-walker-anyway.html
First to arrive Stephen Bedford was fired up to be in his first race with Fours, and with his venerable "Fours Flattner" Alex Lightman.
Alex was eventually there too, as Dave Wingard carefully carried a crew of Alex, and Aubery.

Aubery just came to watch, and brought a fixed gear to do it, but went back to sleep as soon as they arrived.

Meanwhile, quick to his work, Lightman went about warming up as he arrived all but arrived dressed. A half an hour later Randy arrived and Dave returned from registration.

Randy had been up til 3:00am celebrating his now 13year old son Ethan's
"I had to stay up late on such an important birthday," said Word.

Also a note on Ethan Word is I had a solemn face to face conversation with him last week, and he declared he would like to join the Junior's squad.

Meanwhile, back at race side, all the Cyclisme racers were soon dressed and listening for their start whistle. Wingard rolled on rollers while Alex clamped on a stationary thing.

Upon roll out Wingard, Lightman, and Bedford were near the front of the 4/5s. As the race progressed over many hills and dells Bedford and Lightman tightened up as a tandem survival squad.

Meanwhile, fighting for his life Dave W. fell off the back and fought his way back on a few times. He always led the way with the pursuit groups he was in and found his way back on again and again.

"Stephen did a great job. Domestique extraordinare!" said Alex after the race. "Pace got hot, and we would let each other in."

Alex finished 6th just off the sprint for second behind the solo break a hundred yards up. Bedford was in the pack behind, and Dave had a flat but came rolling up soon.

Randy finished in the pack, but recognized he didn't have great legs today.

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