Sunday, April 05, 2009

Teammates Injured

Please send out healing thoughts to teammates John Ebenal and Jake Hansen, who both went down in separate unrelated crashes yesterday.

John was hit by a pick-up truck that turned directly in front of him while he was the lead rider in a group descending SW 16th during yesterdays Ronde. John suffered multiple fractures and was taken the to Emanuel trauma center. No head or neck injuries is the good news, but a bad leg break that requires surgery, along with rib and vertebrae fractures. Jeff and Stephen were directly behind John and were lucky to avoid injury themselves. John has a brand new baby boy, which makes this a particular difficult time for he and his family.

I don't have any details of Jake's injury other than a broken collarbone.

As JB said:

"Friends, in light of the injuries of my pals John Ebenal and Jake Hansen I find myself unmotivated to coach a team ride tomorrow. It is OK for you to ride hard, or to sit and mourn.

Recognize the significance of these injuries in your own way. Then in the days to come, I hope we will work together to support these injured guys with meals and chores as they heal.



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