Friday, July 24, 2009

Jake Hansen

Reaching Goals 
feels good.

When Jake came up from the PSU Running world into the PSU Cycling Club and then to Cyclisme, he knew he wanted to get better at riding his bike.

He knew wanted to win a Tabor Race, become a Category 3, and he knew he wanted to wear a State Champ jersey.

Nowadays he enjoys all of the above. As the Cat 4 Individual Pursuit Champ, he wears the jersey, and after winning a week of Tabor in the 3s he finished 2nd Overall. 

But individual accolades have not been his trademark, having worked for his teammate Stephen Bedford he has gone from pack scared, to pack savvy!

Now a strong team is coalescing finally in the Cat 3s the way they practiced it in Rocky Rabbit days last winter.

"It's sort of a dream come true for me, and it feels good," says Jake.

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