Saturday, July 11, 2009

Track Champs Weekend

Three Word RCB
will wear 

Have some.

Three days of different track events rewarded with double points are The Oregon State Track Championships.

Friday night thirteen year old Dey Shaun Lee finished 12th in his first Category Five men's event.

Aubery Edwards and Cameron Duff finished 10th and 4th respectively.
4 Duff Cameron WordRCB 01:21.44  
10 Edwards Aubrey WordRCB 01:26.70  
12 Lee Dey Shaun WordRCB 01:31.8

Saturday the events were Sprints and Keirin. Deardorf won the Sprints in the Cat 3s and is now the State Champion.

Jake Hansen beat veteran fastman Drew Meisel of Ironclad, to win a Bronse. Cameron Duff finished seventh in is first appearance in the Fours, while Auberey Edwards finished Fifth in the Fives.
Sunday, the final day featured The Pursuits  and big Points races. A dramatic Pursuit of Luke Lebeou brought the crowd to their feet as Jake Hansen narrowly finished first and won himself a State Champ Jersey. Then in the points race, the crowd watched in awe as Jake and Bedford lapped the field twice.

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