Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Piecing Together Championship!



J. Fritzgerald B.
Catherine Cooper
Wheels in Focus
to be something big, they have to be brave enough to face the challenge honestly. When one is trying to be a National Champion, it is good to race with the best to get ready. To figure out where you stand and what you have to work on.

Jake Hansen
attended his first

National Championship
in Carson California last year, and got second place to
Kit Karzen in an epic battle in the Omnium Scratch Race.

It was then that he understood his first forte was "rollin." Jake's a roluer, a big roller, no matter what you call it, the biggest rolling without break is Jake's favorite, and it happens in a Scratch Race.

To be ready, this year Jake not only worked on big intervals, but he invested in the kids that look up to him and used them as training partners (see here). Kids like Keegan O'Neil are better for it.

A man for the community like Jake, deserves victory. But he knows his good character is not enough. He trains early in the morning up on Skyline like he knows it's not enough.

So this summer, Jake signed up and went to some big races. Track races with the biggest prize lists.
Races with big money attract big stars like the National Scratch Champ, Jame Carney.
Jake attended the big three, big money Track Omniums on the West Coast to see where he stood. Testerossa at the Hellyer Velodrome in San Jose, the Alpenrose Velodrome Challenge, and the Marymoor Grand Prix in Seattle gave Jake a chance to see where he stood.

Thanks to mentors like Stephen Beardsley in the Madison and Mr. Carney himself in the Scratch Race, Jake will bring a whole new set of tools to his second National Championship this September.

Now after due diligence we have a better idea on where Jakes stands. When Elite Track Nationals comes around we think it will be on the Winner's podium.

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