Sunday, July 31, 2011

Raced a Champ from Idaho and Won!

Vancouver Courthouse Crit
with my Team.
Keegan O'Neil
J. Fritzgerald b.

Downtown in "Old Town" Vancouver, this Criterium was a great time for Cyclisme. We were able to hang out with one another under some trees, and watch some of the best cycling Oregon offers, as Jake defended his Oregon Cup lead. We even had a pop up tent on the high vantage point corner at the top of the course.

We looked like such fun to everyone, that a journalist from the Columbian Newspaper came over and interviewed everyone about their race and our lives cycling. She wrote down what we said and I would not be surprised to see an article about us in the near future.(see here)

Oregon Cup Leader's Jersey wearer, in the morning, Jake held off Andrew Boone of Team Oregon and increased his lead.
We all congratulated Jake on his Oregon Cup Win! Jake showed throughout The Cup competition that he was the best racer in Oregon, he was in First the entire series, and he clearly deserved winning it.

Note Stephen Bedford of Team Oregon got 3rd, and
Brad Gephard of Skyline lurking lore, won the Elite Men's event in the Couv.

John's friend Bob Grummel came by and I talked to him about my race.
He seemed very interested in how I did and also the rest of the team.
We liked the attention.
Everyone had a great time at the race!


Cindy said...

Keegan, great artcle!

kidsofbike said...

Nice writing Keegan!

Ori said...

Nice work Jr.s It sure was fun watching the races with you!

Kent Ross said...

Good job on the writing part and the racing part.