Monday, December 12, 2011


Cold is not the word
Electric Bite-Ya Cold is closer to the point.

Team rides keep it close to the start. Hot loops of climbing help regulate the system, but still there is little defense against the cold except big effort.

In situations like these, kids like their cocoa HOT.

Eastmoreland Market is our place of choice for meeting, snacking and libation. Their Meditereano exotic faire is still a thrill 5 rides into the winter.

Their store seems like a miracle after one loses all feeling in their face.

While some teams are challenging gigantic truck convoys and car traffic blowing like frozen leaves out into the hours of Long Slow Distance, Cyclisme is sweating and laughing through raucious games of bicycle tag on the Reed College Campus.

Tim Bergmann has been holding down the fort as Juniors are showing great promise for 2012.

Juniors are learning about all things wild and Italian and edible. Santo is making friends. Kent is eating lots and lots of bread.
Cycling and eating go hand in hand.

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