Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lurkin on The Loop!


is an activity best left to the summer sun,
unless you are one of those rare breed,

Riding at 1000 feet in the Winter months can lead to cold fingers,
and tingling toes.

Sunday saw scenarios similar certainly, but some saw old friends and new competition.

for the "Stop Sign Ahead" sign from under the bridge, Bergmann looked like he knew what he was doing and Peter seemed to be finding 0ut what he could really do.

Kent and Noah were always lurking.

Everyone was steaming by the time we came back to Fairmont and Talbot.

Master of hospitality of course once again had a winning idea with tacos from the taquiera on HWY 10.

Kent and Noah blazed the descent off the west slope. Bergmann and Petey hearded the youngins to the feed zone.

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