Monday, May 06, 2013

13 Miles in the Sun

Cheetah challenged?
A narrative not by Nelson Vails 

Everything started out fine. What a beautiful morning!

I took breakfast on the Boulevard in my centrally placed, nicely appointed boutique hotel.

 Well handled by my handlers, I found myself particularly pleased by PDX hospitality.

Mr. Vails gathered everyone together  to apologize for his slow riding,  and  he admitted  he underestimated  the skill level of  Portland riders.
Sauntering through the inner city on a Cervelo, I made my way to  RCB.

Hibiscus tea across from Blazer Boys and Girls Club, Vanport Plaza.
In the parking lot, I noticed the people were polite, and the map mileage dinky.

Autographs and merchandise kept me focused on my navel orange, but rolling out I noticed something was different amongst these Stumptownsters. Maybe it's the micro-brew, but
I mean, everyone knows I have ridden all over the world, but this was the strongest group I had ever ridden with in my life.
Bergmann looks back.

There's was the kind of riding done in great races like Milan San Remo, or even the Tour de France.

Half way through the grueling 13 mile ride I began to realize I was starting to crack.
I tried to ride the wheel but the heat was just too great.

I started to panic as I was gasping for air on the high paced barely alpine climbs.

Climbing is over. Time to go down hill.
Thankfully, some of the Junior High School girls on Mt. Bikes looked back to see I was shelled, and they called to the others to slow down. Finally, I caught back on. Whew!

Velo Vitaly supported b.i.k.e Hincapie in
2004 and brought The Cheetah to Broadway Boulevard in 2013!
PDX cyclists need to go easy on the blood transfusions, or something because even the children are exceptionally strong.
All of the people I met seemed seemed exceptionally well coached.

I look forward to getting back home
and training up
to this inspiring "Stumptown" level
of athleticism.

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