Sunday, May 05, 2013

A weekend with The Cheetah.

The Cheetah enjoys Hibiscus Tea from Horn of Africa, in Vanport Plaza, on MLK Blvd. photo by BRINKMAN

Stories are made from grand days and grand people. Nelson Vails and a happy PDX peloton thrilled the b.i.k.e. kids, as their familiar Cyclisme mentors  radio controlled the show.

"Cute little radio team there, Johnny."  The Cheetah!

Sunny ride with Nelly, and hibiscus tea from Horn of Africa for the beautiful people!

Famous Lore!
Tim Bergmann led people in rollin sun drenched joy, as the Cheetah fell back and talked with every single person, took them under his arm and took a picture with them with his other arm outstretched to his pocket digital camera.
Bruce Bailey on the rickshaw in The Colors!
The Iron Chef, Vito Paley and Garrett Peck, General Manager at IMPERIAL engaged the Cheetah!
Imperial, Hotel Lucia, Vito Paley, Bob Grummel, Dave Guettler helped b.i.k.e. bring the Cheetah to Portland.
RCB means b.i.k.e. brings The Cheetah to PDX!

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