Monday, December 16, 2013

Juniors Saturday ain't just for Kids!

Happy Holidays from the wet and cold streets of Portland,

Building kids' teams requires adults too!

Saturday rides have a bit less volume.
Slower, and easier, they are actually the best place to work on speed and race readiness. On Saturdays we can slow down to a stop and recover before we really go fast.
Sunday rides are tough.

On Saturdays we can stop to organize timed trials of any distance.
Even the adults benefit from that. Going full speed for the first time this season, always reveals bike stuff and body stuff that needs work.

Last Saturday we set up a .7 mile course heading West on Steele. It was surprisingly long to everyone who tried. Flying up over the knoll out of the mist came disgruntled contorted faces.

Time Trial Practice races shocked folks out of their misconceptions before Race Day at Jack Frost.

Vince C. likes easy race training.
Sunday Rocky Rabbit team paceline-style big distance training rides don't always bring the whole message.

Getting ready for racing is hard to do when not training with your race division. Sunday featuring adults, women and men from three or four OBRA/USA Cycling Divisions, give folks a chance to learn how to just hold on.

As Sunday events start at River City, Saturday events start at Backpedal.  Bike shops also require some know-how to navigate in.
Veteran of Cyclisme Lore, Dave Wingard, enjoys helping Kids with their bikes.

Saturday gives the Juniors and adults alike, a chance to focus them selves on getting fast.

Their equipment, and their relationship to this special group that emphasizes benevolence, good form, simplicity and team, becomes a Saturday adventure.

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