Monday, July 28, 2014

All power to the people!

Weekend of Championship!

Double D and Jaden prepare to  become State Champions.
Mike Murray says, "move left."

Summer heat and a dockett full of events made the 2014 Senior and Junior Track Championships tough.

But with training, fitness, and good humor, Word RCB brought home a bucket of gold, bronze, and silver.

Lunch and snacks and cool drinks under the big tent kept everyone topped off and ready.

Double D was awesome as he did the mechanics for everyone. Pete Kirby made sure everyone had over 100psi.

Mike and Candi Murray of Oregon Bicycle Racing Association promoted and Officiated the racing.
Robin and Gillian raced the 500m and the 3k
Racing in Senior Women's Events as well as the Junior Omnium, Gillian Bergman donned Silver and Gold respectively. Her Team-mate Robin Jacobson raced the Cat 5s for Silver. Using a super easy gear to warm up, then shifting to a new high legspeed racing gear, she set a new personal record for herself in the 3k.
Pete Smith, Double D, Tim B, and Fergus in Pursuit.
In the Junior Boys Omnium Scratch Race, Willy Campbell pushed the field up track as Jaden soon attacked over the top. Willy won Silver in his division for the effort
Jaden Salama, Tim Bergmann, Fergus K, and Double DD raced the 1k, and the 4k.
Pete Smith joined Tim, Fergus and Double D to race the 4k TEAM Pursuit, as well.

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