Sunday, February 08, 2015

Keegan signs with Marian

Indianapolis, Indiana is the home of the Major Taylor Velodrome. Just across the street is America's premiere cycling college, Marian University.

Keegan O'Neill is a b.i.k.e. Graduate who recently committed to matriculating at Marian with a large partial scholarship for cycling.

Keegan has long had his sights set on college, and collegiate cycling.

While Keegan rode with Bicycles and Ideas for Kids' Empowerment he led with motivation, love of cycling, and doing what it takes to succeed at getting into college. Academic zeal and community service were two of his most prominent characteristics.

Like Staci, Nils, Rion, Nissy, Stephen, Jake and many others, Keegan O'Neill represents the ideals of Benevolence, Good Form, Simplicity and Team without omission... and we are very proud of him.

Thanks Keegan, for bringing honor to the Lore of Cyclisme and to the reputation of the OBRA peloton.

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