Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lead-Outs Work!

Photos by Cindy Campbell  

Trepidatious before the looming task,
faces were long in the strategy talk before the twelve mile Cat. 4/5 bicycle race starting in less than ten minutes.
No one was sure the hundred year old bicycle racing strategy would actually work.
The strategy was simple too, a long line of guys going fast for the finish.

"Would everyone be able to keep up," they asked.
"Could they attack if there was a break?"
"Should they go for a hot spot intermediate prime sprint?"

"Yes,"  was my answer, "but just all go together."
And together they went!

They swarmed breakaway attempts, the hot spot sprint, and the finish line sprint like bees.

One guy in the pack was heard to say, "we don't stand a chance against this!"

Kent led them all out Daddy Dey Shaun Lee got second at the finish and won with points.

Everyone else scored lots of points because they were all in it - the hot spot and the finish, i.e. 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. Keegan won the hot spot.

Cheering as loud as they could the Campbell boys brought their bikes too.

Parents played a great role of support and cameraderie. Tim Miller came and took some of the guys on a tour of St. Johns and then dropped them all back at Keegan's house.

It was great to see Luca and Dey Shaun, they add so much strength to our show.

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