Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Salama comes full Circle!

Winning photo credits
leonard@hotfootphoto.com, Bob Mionskie
Keelan Ontiveros
the third and final race of the Dirty Circles Road Race Series in Woodland, Washington,
confirmed Jaden Salama
the Series Winner.
Winning all three races revealed him to be the new kid to watch in the OBRA peloton.

"The third race was the hardest, The wind and rain was like another whole opponent," Salama lamented.
"The Junior peloton is not well trained, said Salama."There were times I would be trying to line up on the cross direction of the draft, and another kid would just come and fill my spot as if we were in a paceline,"

"I felt relieved to find everyone wasn't quite as scary as they seemed," Salama said.

Actually, the scary OBRA Juniors are alive and well racing in the Senior Mens' divisions. The National Criterium Champion in Jaden's Division , Keelan Ontiveros races with the Category 1/2 Men.
The "SCARY" fast Juniors.

Jaden, a relative beginner in his first year of road pack racing, used his trepidation to train properly for entre in the world of OBRA. Last year, Jaden stuck to Individual Time Trials on road and track, racing in packs in practice, until finally he raced in the OBRA Track Championships.

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