Monday, March 23, 2015

Solo Victory!

Alex White wins Cherry Pie RR!
Photo credits: Tim White

A Time Trialler by trade, Alex soloed for thirty one miles to victory.

After a neutral rollout, the first attack came right off the release.
Alex answered with strength. He had planned to be benevolent, and just mark the early leaders and generally ride slow for a while, giving the little kids a chance to get their money's worth.
But when 14 year old Haller Bora went to the front, everyone else was history. Alex decided to git while the gittin was good.
Kenny Graham presents the victory pie
Bora tried to stay stuck to his wheel, but with all the rolling hills, it was mile 10 of 31 that Alex had left everyone behind.
All that remained was a rainy, hilly, vehicle escorted time trial to the finish.
With just over a half kilo left to go, a junior breakaway was announced to the finish line crowd.

One spectator was especially boisterous.

Alex looked calm and composed as he crossed the line, victorious.