Monday, April 20, 2015

Thrilling team spirit!

Tony E, Cliff T, Brad D, and Jaden S.
Lead-outs make the race.

Jaden and Brad all but won off of Cliff and Tony's pack obliterating Lead-Out.

The Monday Night Cat 5 Novice race featured a big field.
Always strong.
Always near the front.
Finishing 2nd and 3rd, and all but catching a solo break that was 15 seconds off the front at the beginning of the last straight, our team was brilliant!

Cyclisme saved their energy in the pack. Equally, they were ready to jump out of their skin. Each of them, even a flu-sick Tony Escobar, had no trouble at all staying with the group.
At the head of a big field, J. Salama blew by the winner after the line.

Finish at the line.

When the sprint came, Jaden carried Brad up the last straight to the finish so fast, it looked like the lone break away artist off the front was going backwards.

Jaden's mom was tickled pink by her boy's success.

To his credit, at the line he was still in first. That's a 1.9 mile+ solo break.

Hat's off to that guy.

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