Monday, April 20, 2015

The Raven Flies

Tim, Del and Fergus are fast.
My second Time Trial 
Alex and Willy are friends.
by Joshua Morris
was my first time trial with a big hill in it.
It was called the Raven Flies Time Trial.  It was in McMinnville, Oregon.

McMinnville is supposed to be close to Portland
but Mr. Benenate got lossed, 
and stopped at a lot of 
Yoga is good for you.
coffee drive-throughs, 
Fergus and Jaden are very athletic.
and made it seem like a long way.

 Professor Bergmann forgets what he is saying sometimes.

We sat in the sun and ate sna
we did arrive, and all my friends on the team were there.

Mr. White helped me get my bike out, and I started to ride around.

I started the race, and rode as fast as I could,  but when I came to the hills, I shifted into my easiest gear.
Maya is supportive.

It was way out in farm country. I was glad when the other kids on my team came by.
I am Joshua Morris.


Jeff Gerwing said...

Great race report and photos. I agree that sometimes just getting to the start line can be its own adventure.

I've enjoyed reading about some of the team's successes in these blog posts and I look forward to being able to get out and ride with y'all sometime soon.

Tailwinds. Jeff Gerwing

Nik said...

Good job in both the race and words joshua!