Sunday, August 20, 2017

Beginners at the Championships!

Powell. Thielle. and Waldman.
The Durango Kid comes of age!

When one starts racing track late in the season,
the State Championship are just another race.
Racing at the State Championship you get to see the best of everyone in a all the age graded divisions.
In 2017, the  OBRA Masters' Champs was no exception.

Rob Waldman
In the most elder age categories, the main season calendar can offer slim pickins. Folks either end up racing people half their age or they end up racing small fields with dismal competition. But at the Master State Championships, the fields are high class and exciting.

Rob Waldman raced his first match sprint of his career against two national medalists. It wasn't pretty, but Rob "The Durango Kid" Waldman endured for a bronze medal. Now he is the one of the top Match Sprinters in the 65+ age division of Oregon.

Two debut at the Master's Champs.
Rob's debut was supported by his team with rollers and a tent, food, water, and coffee. The coach and his wife as well as a variety of coaches who gathered t the side of his coach as a veritable coaching staff.
Two of note were John and Cyclisme's  original assistant Coach, back in the nineties, Jerry Powell, and National Team retiree, Brad Gephard.
Also helpful, Rob's somewhat more experienced team-mate Dan "Double D" Dhonau went forth with him representing the "newer guys" in the face of an all star cast of Oregon's oldest.

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