Sunday, August 20, 2017

Man on a Mission

Double D gets ready to develop his legspeed and power.

Dan Dhonau seeks to win Scratch races.

Some bicycle racers identify their goals early, and some resolve to pursue them late. However, when clarity comes, it's time to get to work.

Dan moves high to attack after a very fast "neutral" lap.

In reality, juggling life and work, it's overwhelming to try and improve your performance a lot on a bike.
Even the bottom tier of amateur track cycling is very competitive. One has to be very skilled and fit to even participate.
 It's terrifying to maneuver on a 43 degree bank in a pack of sixteen guys going 30mph, much less beat them to the finish line.

Digging deep in 5th place to hold on while many get dropped.

Track Racers not only need to be fast enough to hold on, but if they want to win, they have to have the legspeed to peddle off the front. Keeping enough oxygen to think with while doing all this requires training.

Dan's Scratch Race
Dan Dtrategy was to shell five people in the first lap, while establishing himself in the drafts of the most aggressive leaders.
Double D sat on the wheel of all aggressors.
In a fluid, ego-maniacal environment that begs to be pure chaos, Dan organized it by example in one fell swoop.

Attacking into the whistle in the first lap, Dan pulled up track in corner 3, and fell into about 5th easily. (or, as  easily as possible while going fast as you can - see above - click on picture)

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