Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cyclisme introduces Cyclocross

Bruised thighs 

were just some of the features of a day where two
of ours raced an odd discipline of cycling 
for the first time.

Hood River
is east of Portland 
up the Columbia River until about
Mount Hood, and the confluence of the river that
runs down her north slope.

There in that ancient meeting place, cyclocross is raced to  prepare for the upcoming epic, Cross Crusade.

Our Cyclisme, a young team led by 2nd and third year veterans, posted very well for itself at this dry fair outpost.

While Greg and Ariel finished 11th in their respective divisions, young Paris managed 10th. 

Csaba and Dave raced in the toughest lower divisions our team have been racing lately, but when we hit Cross Crusade, we will be representing in quite a few divisions.

There it is folks. If that aint racing, I don't know what is!

"Evil Burro man!" said Paris after finishing his first race, "Evil Burro!!"

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T.S. said...

is anybody riding this weekend. I know John is in Vegas but if there is a ride I would like to get some miles in.