Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Setting Precedent in the Lore

rode to victory 
as a Category 4           in one 
of the 

end of the season, all category (yes, CAT 1,2,3&4) handicaps.

"I just took over the fours and got them to run a proper paceline," said the end of the evening victor.

Never before has a Cyclisme racer won this event. Especially not a cat 4.

Living up in rarified air, just take a look at some of the names he beat:
1 1730 Spahr Trevor b.i.k.e.RCB, by Cyclisme
2 2477 Zack George
3 1714 Palmer Michael
4 1346 Hiday Larry 343 Racing
5 1181 Thomson Andrew
6 1197 Rueter Michael Team Oregon
7 2341 Lemoine  Sean Team Oregon
8 1493 Deiss Julian
9 2002 Baldwin  Mark Team Oregon
10 694 Lebus Josh Bridgetown
11 176 Hamilton Chris HPChiro

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